Globally, there is a need to generate energy more efficiently with lower or no carbon emissions. Existing technologies have been enhanced and new innovative designs have been commercialized for immediate user benefit.

Force Energy provides clean energy solutions for the long term needs of our clients. We provide support from the engineering and design through to the commissioning of an energy efficiency project. Information on the equipment solutions is below.

Waste Heat to Power and Combined Heat & Power systems have been utilized for decades. Please visit our Knowledge page for definitions and links to technical resources, industry associations and common applications.


Force Energy Systems Inc.

Combined Heat & Power

Tedom Congeneration

  • 27 to 2000 kW CHP Systems
  • Efficient Natural Gas and Renewable Biogas
  • Open Module, Sound Enclosure or Containerized Units
  • 3700+ Global Installations
Force Energy Systems Inc.


CraftEngine CE 40 ORC

  • Up to 45 KW Electricity Per Unit
  • High Performance on Variable Load
  • Robust, Proven Design
  • Low Operating Costs
  • Scalable for Increased Output
Viking Heat Engines

Force Energy Systems Inc.

Calgary, AB Canada

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